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What is ChopChop?

Time-sensitive, Location-aware Specials

ChopChop is a platform that allows restaurants to publish time-sensitive promotions to a wide user base in order to increase business during off-peak hours. You know how business is typically slow between 2pm and 5pm? Well ChopChop gives you the ability to setup one-time or recurring specials that bring new customers to your restaurant during those down times.

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How does ChopChop Work?

We've made it really simple for you to increase business during off-peak hours, while maintaining your regular full pricing while your restaurant is busy. Here's how it works:

1. Tell us your specials

You already have Happy Hour and Weekly Food and Drink Specials. Just let us know what these promotions are by sending us a message or setting up a call. It only takes a few minutes. You can even limit how many times a special can be claimed.

2. We Publish them

We post your promotions on our ChopChop platform exactly when you want them to go live. We turn these promotions off when you want them to be inactive. This ensures that these specials only run during off-peak times, or whenever you want them to run.

3. People Claim Them

Through the ChopChop mobile app, thousands of nearby users can see when your promotions go live. Users will need to claim the promotions quickly and arrive at your restaurant before they expire.

What does it cost?

How about free? Yep, it doesn't cost you a dime to tell us your deals and let us put them in front of our entire network of foodies and happy hour goers.

Am I still making money if I'm running specials?

ChopChop only publishes your promotions during the off-peak hours you specify. So unlike Groupon or other deal companies, you are never running deals during your busiest hours. This allows you to keep margins high when you are the busiest, but lower your margins during off-peak times. ChopChop will help you pull in brand new customers during the times you run these promotions!

Without ChopChop
  • Regular traffic during busy hours.
  • High margins all the time.
  • Little to no traffic during off-peak hours.
= Profit from your busy hours
With ChopChop
  • Regular traffic during busy hours.
  • High margins during busy hours.
  • Good traffic during off-peak hours.
  • Lower (but still profitable) margins during off-peak hours.
  • = Same profit from your busy hours
  • PLUS Lots of profit from brand new customers!

So why wait? Tell us your specials and we'll start promoting!

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